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[01 Jan 2007|12:35am]
[ mood | amused ]

Just headed out now, merry new year y'all, hope it brings you all good things. Except Martyn.

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Bumph [17 Dec 2006|06:00pm]
Hey guys, two pieces of business:

First off, Nightmare Before Christmas. Was thinking this Wednesday? (sorry Mel, Thursday's not great for me :()

Secondly, who's up for All tomorrow's Parties? It's starting to sell out, so figure we should get this done as soon after everyone's recovered from christmas as possible.

There's two weekends, the first weekend is being curated by Dirty Three, second one is having the line-up selected by fan voting.

Weekend 1: (bigger names in bold)

YANN TIERSEN (Yann Tiersen did the soundtracks to Amelie and Goodbye Lenin, and did some stuff with Shannon Wright, who's also playing)

Weekend 2: (so far)


Heard more support for weekend 1 so far, but lemme know. So far 2 berth chalets and 3 berth chalets are sold out, so we need 4+ but that's totally doable. Like, Selma hayek doable.
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[12 Dec 2006|10:01pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Ah man, tonight's my work do, in a bar apparently based on the bar Hemingway used to drink in when his was grappling with the effeminacy of writing by fishing, hunting, drinking, fighting and enlisting in the Spanish civil war. Never read any Hemingway, but it sure makes the bar sound appealing. The cigar menu alone is 8 pages long.

Anyway I can't go because I have part 1 of my exam for my course. 3 hours on English, current affairs and news-writing. And that's all the information I have. English and news writing, well there's not a lot of revision there, I've practised news writing a bit though.

Current affairs, ech. I've been reading newspapers for weeks, digesting info, forming opinions on issues, but apparently it's just names and events. Who did this? Who was involved in this? Who won this?

And I'm a little nervous about that, just because I'm appalling at names and faces. Take Enron. I read about Enron. I went to see that documentary Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room at the cinema. I could probably, right now, write a 3000 word essay on Enron, what they did, how they got away with it, how it all started crumbling down, the aftermath. Granted it'd be shoddy and the facts would be shot to all hell, but I could give you a few pages on Enron and it would be passable.

But can I give you the name of the CEO of Enron? It's on the tip of my tongue, but no. Jeffrey Skilling, but I just looked it up. And this is the thing, I absorb lots about stuff, but the names of people involved are not among the top things I absorb, and I hope it doesn't fuck me over.

Just keep trying eh? :)

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Late night decompression quiz teefed off lovelornloser [10 Dec 2006|03:29am]
Read more...Collapse )

That's enough for now, but I might come back to it you lucky people.
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[06 Dec 2006|04:19pm]
Hey Farrah, I just decided on your first christmas present :)

BTW guys, I am going to a reggae and dub night at Brannigans in Romford tomorrow, if anyone fancies it.

Dub heads and the usual trendies, divorcees and sexual predators you expect and demand from Brannigans, sounds unmissable. Let me know xxx
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[06 Dec 2006|01:28am]
It's signed too!

What kind of a maniac sends out unsolicited copies of his racist pamphlet of a memoir to all the supposedly pinko, commie-symp news networks and publishing houses in the world, and signs them all too? Scary.
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[06 Dec 2006|01:23am]
My exam is next Wednesday. 3 hours, English, current affairs and news writing. That's the sum total of the info I've been given so I'm just buying lots of newspapers and reading them cover to cover.

I bought the Daily Express today, ugh. Don't know how people deal with the stigma, handing over the cash to the asian newsagent with the paper between us, huge headline of IMMIGRANTS TAUGHT HOW TO SCROUNGE staring upwards.

I asked for some phone credit in advance, and then he says "And that too?", indicating the Express. "Oh? Um. Yes. Um."

If I've learned nothing else, it's that one can read the Express cover to cover in about a third of the time of the Guardian. It's not as bad as I was expecting inside, apart from Vanessa Feltz banging on about the nanny state.

On a broadly related note, there've been loads of weeded books on sale for a pound at work going for a pound. Weeded meaning that they are no longer required, or at least not in such quantities. And today, in between four copies of Anne Widdecombe's autobiography, I'd Like the Whole World to Buy a Coke by the CEO of Coca Cola, the who's-who directory of French film-making and a 1000 page book on plant cellular composition, I found the unpublished memoirs of Tom Metzger, leader of the White Aryan Resistance in America.

Before that he was the Grand dragon of the Ku Klux Klan, and before that he helped manage the campaigns of Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater. His opinion on why it's unpublished is because of the number of Jews and/or Zionist sympathisers in the publishing world.

I'm really glad I found this though, partially because it's quite a rare find, and also because I'm incredibly interested in the peoples' rationales for stuff they believe, and I've never been able to understand racist extremism. People say these people are stupid but a lot of them are very clever indeed, and write long, intelligent manifestos that just happen to make all these crazy leaps of logic that make absolutely no sense.

Probably just answered my own question there, but what the hell, the thing's only 200 pages and it'll be interesting to see how an intelligent, politically astute man ends up being in charge of two of the scariest hate groups in America...
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[30 Nov 2006|12:36am]
I don't know what it is, but there's something about the London free evening paper that depresses the hell out of me.

It's gotten to the point where I don't want to look at any of it.

It's think it's how all the headlines are about death, immigration terror, information theft, latest food that kills you, the daily risks we run every minute of day, the constant fear of loneliness, and the rise in alcoholism. And that was just Monday.

I'm really tempted to buy the new Pynchon novel. I mean it's 1,100 pages and apparently makes little sense, but that just increases the terrible allure. Pynchon novels, with the possible exception of Crying of Lot 49, play the same part as James Joyce novels, volumes of Kant and anything foreign. It's like the pseudo intellectual version of owning a muscle car, just a big penis envy thing. My book is *this* huge.

Saw Pan's Labvyrinth on the weekend and it was... well I think it was incredible. I've been avoiding being too gushy about it because I want to see it again first to make sure I haven't called it wrong. Possibly the best film I've seen all year though. Magical but horrifying. Only a fifteen, but loads of people in the cinema had to cover their faces sometimes.
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As the cockpit burned, she couldn't help but smile, recalling a dancing bear she'd seen as a child. [24 Nov 2006|02:25am]
[ mood | !!! ]

Today I tried to help my boss with his application for a job.

We were trying to think of a word that means keeping someone abreast of updates whilst taking in their input and alleviating their concerns.

And I'm sure there is such a word, but I have no idea what it is.

Must be a great word.

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[21 Nov 2006|02:48am]
Does anyone fancy Nightmare Before Christmas 3D?

It's on at the West End Vue in Leicester Square for the time being.

I'm not sure what the implications of the third dimension are for Nightmare but I went to see it the first time round in cinemas when I was a kid and dammit, I'm going to go see it again now I'm 24. Get to wear snazzy glasses too.
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[12 Nov 2006|02:37pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Why are band bios on websites so stupid usually?

Either they're so bland and polite and eager for someone, anyone to like them that they read about biographies of corporations. "We have been building a dedicated following around the South Street area for many years, but it wasn't until we enlisted the rocking vibraphone skills of David Hammer that our music really started to take off. We don't consider ourselves a Romford band however, as we did almost play a gig at the world-renowned Camden Barfly once. Now looking to take our music into new territories on our way to world domination!!"

And then they say how their music is totally unique even though they've listed their influences as Machinehead, Killswitch Engage and Slipknot, or The Libertines, Oasis and Razorlight.

Who are they trying to fool? Do you genuinely believe that your music sounds like nothing else in the whole world and makes Sun Ra sound like Cast, or are you trying to make other people believe it?

Maybe they hope it means that if people listen to their samples they'll go "Oh, gosh, well this just sounds like every other shitty third-rate indie/metal band I've ignored at my local club, but they say they're tearing up the rulebook here, so maybe it's just a bad recording."

I also think it's really funny when bands have hundreds of comments, but all their comments are from bands they've added or from bands who have added them that all say "Hi, liking the tunes. Be sure to check out our website. Try and come see you some time, even though my band is based in French Polynesia."

Myspace is a circle of hell, I swear.

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[19 Oct 2006|06:01pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey guitar noobs, it's that time of year again.

Not the time of year when All Tomorrow's Parties happens, but the time of year when they release some of the first names and who's curating and stuff, and I start bothering people about it.

So consider this my opening salvo.

It's late April 2007, and it's beign curated by The Dirty Three, who are brilliant and one of my favourite bands and I have about 5 albums if anyone wants to hear anything.

Bands so far:


I love Nick Cave, I love Dirty Three, I love Low, I love Papa M (aka Dave Pajo, ex Slint/Tortoise/Zwan man). The Drones are awesome.Magnolia Electric Company appears to be the dude from Songs:Ohia in band form.

I haven't heard Faun Fables, but here's a review I found

Oakland's Faun Fables aren't really a folk group, but there's no adequate name for the music Dawn and Nils make together, music that is so total, otherworldy, and heretical a vision of traditional music that it can only be compared to THE RESIDENTS' version of rock 'n roll. Frykdahl's instrumental virtuosity is strictly in the service of making every sound you've ever heard unfamiliar. This band has the uncanny ability to blow through original songs, ancient ballads and European avant garde numbers in a set without a single note seeming out of place. Even if you don't like traditional music, avant garde music, or music at all, you still need to hear McCarthy's voice, which will kill you dead.

It's only gonna get better, this might as well be my festival.

Lemme know guitar noobs.

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[03 Oct 2006|12:43am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Hey fashion kids, TV on the Radio are playing Koko on Friday November 10th. Just a headsup.

I hate it when websites are outright hindrances.I'm sure once upon a time websites were meant to be places to get information first and foremost. The TV on the Radio has links to them playing on chatshows, 'hilarious' videosof them titting about in New York, but very few tour dates. And I checked the site about once a week for European tour dates,and nothing.

So I thought maybe they were justbeing low-key for now. But idly log on to a ticket site at work and find that not only are they playing, it's sold out, or sold out on every ticket agency except for one.

And this is all the information I needed. Granted the video of someone break-dancing was nice, but I wanted info, man. TV on the Radio have failed at internet.

Haha, speaking of hilarious videos, the pitchforkmedia.com review of the new Jet album is nothing but an embedded video of a monkey pissing in its own mouth. There's not even a rating. I guess if a picture paints a thousand words, then an embedded youtube video of a monkey pissing in its own mouth must be worth about 7 million.

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[30 Sep 2006|01:13pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

The worst train I ever have to get is the late night trains from Liverpool Street in East London back to Romford, sort of 11pm to midnight on a Friday night.

This is because it is a train full of people from Romford who work in the financial companies near Liverpool Street station and have spent the evening getting off their tits in various Bishopsgate pubs and are now getting the last train out of London back to Romford. Real fall of Saigon vibe. And all these people are so drunk, and loud, and obnoxious, the blokes leeringly trying to chat up any lone girl. They all have very nice watches though.

But anyway my point isn't about these people. Just that nearly every time I get one of these trains there is a much older man who is totally fucked, gone way beyond the point of merely drunk. The time before last it was this guy who was about sixty who spent the whole journey nearly falling over, with all the twenty and thirtysomething city workers laughing at him the whole way.

And yesterday there was this guy in his fifties who sat on the floor by the train doors and puked for most of the journey.

And I always wonder what their stories are, these elegantly dressed older guys on their own getting trains to Romford, bombed to the point where they can barely stand, being laughed at by all the groups of drunk younger city workers

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Mountains of coke in the VIP... [26 Sep 2006|01:14am]
My friend Martha, she gets around. She's half Thai, half Philippino, comes from Stratford, goes to university in Glasgow studying languages, spent a year in St Petersburg, and just got back from a year in the Czech Republic.

So I see her once or twice a year during the brief periods that she's back, it's nice, she always takes time out of the 3 or 4 days she's home we go to this Wetherspoons pub in Stratford and catch up.

But I texted her about meeting up on friday, but she was going to see Mogwai at the Royal Albert Hall (her sister is married to Martin, the Mogwai drummer). But she texted me about 4 to say that she couldn't make it, and did I want her ticket?
So I got to see Mogwai for free, in a box in the Gods in the Albert Hall, was so awesome.

Someone once defiend post rock, i.e. Mogwai, Godspeed You! Black Emperor etc, as a scientific experiment into seeing exactly how long you could make someone wait for the good bit of a song. But there's advantages to this approach. The longer you wait for the good bit, the more you trance out on it, the more of a rush it is when it hits.

They Played Mogwai Fear Satan, which I'd never heard them do before. And it starts loud-ish, builds to a certain level, then ebbs out. Mogwai shows have incredible lights flashing white lights, red lights, blue lights, whirling floodlights. And the lights ebb with the volume, getting slower and less spasmodic over the 5, maybe 7 minutes that the song winds down over. And then it comes back in, so much louder, loud enough that you feel it rather than hear it, and the lights go absolutely crazy, and it's an old trick, and it's not a clever trick, but it's a great trick.

I swear, when it kicked in, the sound and the lights and the sensory barrage, I could hardly breathe. It's like being on pills, without the sweating and heart palpitations and worrying that your brain's going to stick to the back of your skull and give you an embolism. And I think the whole point of post rock gigs is to cause that reaction, because without the wait, and the volume, and the lights, you can't get that kind of reaction. It's like your brain's so totally overloaded with information that it just floods your with endorphins and leaves you to it.
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[02 Sep 2006|02:08pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Yeah so I went to the Edinburgh Fringe for a week. I felt like I'd been lied to at some point in my life because I didn't smoke, walked 7+ miles a day, hardly drank, ate whole grain bread, lots of fruit and veg, and few desserts, and I thought that was pretty much all that was necessary to feel like Tiger Woods. But I got a cold. People who eat healthy and exercise clearly feel terrible at all times and it's only the raw self-righteousness pumping through their bodies that keeps them standing.

But here is what I saw:


Just got orientated. We were staying in a flat in a place called Leith, which is about 2 miles from Princes street, which is one of the main drags of central Edinburgh. It's nice in Leith, gentrifying as I type, parts of it look like Docklands now. But with boats. Still some remnants of old Leith though, such as a oub that has Tennant's Super on tap.

So Sunday was spent wandering through craft fairs and trying to plough through the 300-odd page Fringe index. Experienced moments of pure adrenaline seeing ads for regina Spektor, Dresden Dolls and My Morning Jacket were playing tiny shows in the fringe, only to find that all three had been sold out since about 1972.

Rented a dvd called Junebug from Blockbuster for the evening. very pleasant, like a Jim Jarmusch movie if Jim Jarmusch was from the Midwest.


First play, a performance of The Crucible at a church starting at 11:15. Was the first of many times I would underestimate exactly how long it takes to get from Leith to Edinburgh (about 45 minutes brisk walk), but a healthy goose step got us there in time. It was good, some great bits, but it was done by a youngish theatre group, who approached the dramatic complexities of some of the scenes BY TALKING VERY LOUDLY AND WAVING THEIR HANDS. Seriougly, in the court scene where Abigail manages to get John Proctor taken away some people in front of me put their fingers in their ears.

The curtain call was cut short by the fact that there was a gas leak and the place needed to be evacuated, although it was nice of them to wait til the end of the show to let us know. Lots of forlorn-looking thesps in puritan get-up sitting on the steps outside, waiting to be able to get their stuff.

Wandered round town, climbed the near vertical slope up to Arthur's Seat, which lets you look at Edinburgh like it's an aerial photograph. Not sure about the veracity of the name, Scotland reckons it's where Arthur went to die, but Tintagel in Cornwall makes the same claim. frankly, it's a bit fucking to steep for someone about to shuffle off this mortal coil to make his final rest.

In the evening we went to see Aeneas Faversham, which we went to see purely because the day before we'd been studying posters near the smirnoff Underbelly complex (a corporate sponsored catacomb of little theatres) and one of the players from it accosted us. But yeah it was a series of Spike Milligan/Monty Python-esque sketches based around victorian Penny dreadfuls, and was really really really funny. www.pennydreadfuls.co.uk. Tipped to be one of the big break-outs from this year's Fringe, you heard it here first kids.

To be continued...

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[31 Jul 2006|12:18pm]

No one's going to Reading this year, because the sheer level of expense and hassle of either spending 5 hours on the phone 5 months before the festival starts or else spending £200 on a ticket for what is, admittedly, a pretty ropey festival right?

Well there's something else going on that weekend in King's Cross, and it's only 20 quid a day, if anyone fancies it?

Saturday 26th of August 5pm -5 am, line-up includes:

Hot Chip (Live) / Ladytron (Live) / Nightmares on Wax Soundsystem / Field Music (Live) / Absentee (Live) / Cut Chemist (Live) / Money Mark (Live) / Bloc Party (Dj Set) / Gilles Peterson (& MC Earl Zinger) / Spank Rock (Live) / Vincent Vincent & the Villains (Live) / Alex Smoke (Live) / Simian Mobile Disco / Animal Collective (Live)

1990's (Live) / AME / Andrew Weatherall / Ata (Playhouse) / ATrak / Audiofly / Benji B / Bones & Ramsey / Brakes (Live) / Bugz In The Attic / Danny Clarke / Ellen Allien (Bpitch) / Envelopes (Live) / Ewan Pearson / Filthy Dukes / Four Tet / Gang Gang Dance (Live) / Geddes / Goldierocks / Grime Allstars (Feat: DJ Cameo, Skepta and JME) / Gucci Soundsystem (Ben Fat Trucker, Riton & Crispin Dior) / Headman / Hector (Phonica) / Hot Club De Paris (Live) / IG Culture / Ivan Smagghe / Jack Penate (Live) / Jammer & Neckle Camp / Joakim (Kill The Dj) / King Creosote (Live) / Kurrage / Lex Records Djs / MSTRKRFT (Live) / Nathan Gregory Wilkins / Optimo / Padded Cell / People Are Germs Djs / Ruff Sqwad / Sasse / Semifinalists (Live) / Serge Santiago / Shychild (Live) / Sinbad / Statik & Drew (Babyshambles) / Superthriller (Live) / The Bug (Live) / The Eighteenth Day of May (Live) / The Research (Live) / Tramp DJs / Young Blood Brass Band (Live) / Young Turks.

Sunday 27th, 6pm- 6am

Sasha / Amp Fiddler (Live) / Circo Loco (DC10) / Amon Tobin / Secretsundaze / Booka Shade (Live) / Moodymann / London Elektricity / Plump Djs / The Egg (Live) / Roll Deep (Live) / New Young Pony Club (Live) / The Kills (Dj Set) / Shit Disco (Live)

Annie (Live) / Audio Werner (Live) / Black Daniel (Live) / Bonobo (Ninja Tune) / Boris Horel (Foreign Muck) Burnski / Clay Machine Gun / Cirillo / Dan Ghenacia / Death in Vegas (Dj Set) / Dan Greenpeace (Xfm) / Digital Mystikz / Dinky (Cocoon) / DJ Deep / DJ Food / Dom Chung / DJ Scotch Egg / DK (Ninja Tune) / DMZ / Errors / Evil Nine / Friendly / George Demure (Output) / Germlin (Live) / Giles Smith (secretsundaze) / Goose (Live) / Greg Sonata (Foreign Muck) / Hexstatic (AV Show) / JB (Retox) / Jagz Kooner (Primal Scream) / James Hyman (Xfm) / Jamie Jones / James Priestley (secretsundaze) / Kevin Griffiths & Bobby M (Issst Djs) / Lele Sacchi / LoSoul (Playhouse) / Louie Austen (Live) / Matt John (Live) / Mary-Anne Hobbs (Radio 1) / Mazzy Supastar / Mike Relm / Motor (Live) / Mu-Ziq / Mr Ti2bs / Pam Hogg / Paul Arnold (Chew the Fat!) / Phil Asher / Rap Saunders / Scarlett Etienne / Shane Watcha / Shlomo (Live) / Sian (Pokerflat) / Silverlink / Simon Baker (deepdownanddirty) / Simon Morell / Suparnovar(deepdownanddirty) / Ryan Shaw (deepdownanddirty) / Tania Vulcano / The Insurgents / Tim Exile (Live) / Treva Whateva / Vex'd (Live) / Zip

Yeah so it's only 20 quid for a day, I quite fancy the Saturday but I'm easy.

And while I'm spamming you good people with event info, there's the Film4 Summer Screen festival, where they show movies on a big cinema screen in the courtyard of Somerset House, which is this huge, huge stately home in West London

Thursday August 10: North by Northwest
Friday August 11: School of Rock & Nacho Libre
School of Rock
Saturday August 12: The Shining
Sunday August 13: The Outsiders
Monday August 15: The Night of the Hunter
Wednesday August 16: Howl's Moving Castle
Thursday August 17: Brazil
Friday August 18: (Alex will like this) Starship Troopers & Aliens
Saturday August 19: The Big Lebowski
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[22 Jul 2006|02:47am]
L - A - S - T

01. Last Cigarette: 12:30 am, tonight

02. Last kiss: on the mouth? Farrah, yesterday

03. Last Cry: Um... November, when I lost it with dad

04. Last Library Book Checked Out: Some terry Pratchett book I think, maybe Interesting Times?

13. Last Shoes Worn: God knows what they are, some grey and brown sneaker things, they look like thirties baseball shoes

15. Last Soda Drank: ? Diet coke with lemon. Not a huge fan sadly, even though I love diet coke with a lime in it. But the canned stuff is just lime cordial or something, tastes a bit chemical.

16. Last Thing Written: 'Adrian Wyer, BBC Workplace (Brock Hse), XT5428'

17. Last Words Spoken: "You got all the guitars and amps and shit into one corner? But that's impossible!"

18. Last Annoyance: People collapsing or pulling the train alarm on tube trains in the heat. I totally sympathise with them, it's about 47 degrees at rush hour, but since you're meant to wait til the train arrives at a platform, why not just get off the train then and seek help?

19. Last Time Scolded Someone: Not scolded per se, but I've been training people, and I keep having to tell one of the new people that if something has a deadline of 2:30, it's not negotiable.
20. Last Web Site Visited: Wikipedia. Best site on the internet, bar none.

B - O - D - Y:

01. Piercings: None. Dad's very anti, on either sex.

02. Tattoos: None. More into the idea of a tattoo than any kind of piercing though

03. Height: 5'4"

04. Shoe size: 8? No idea, I just check my shoes when i need to buy a new pair.

05. Hair color: Brown

06. Eye color: Blue

L A S T . . .

01. Movie you rented: Corpse Bride. I wanted Everything is Illuminated since I'd seen Corpse bride, but was over-ruled

03. Song you listened to: Got my ipod on shuffle linked up to some speakers. Last 10 tracks were:

Electric Company vs. Lexaunculpt - The Billingus Cufflinks
Johnny cash - Don't Take Your Guns to Town
Elvis Presley - blue Suede Shoes
Dusty Springfield - Close to You
The Blood brothers - Meet Me at the Waterfront after the Social
The Dismemberment Plan - 8.5 Minutes
Nirvana - blew
Destroyer - 3,000 Flowers
The Shins - Mine's Not a High Horse
A tribe Called Quest - Award tour

04. Song that was stuck in your head: A girl called Tan at work kept humming Be by Common, so that's been in my head, that and Sex Changes by Dresden Dolls

05. CD you bought: Brainiac - Hissing Prigs in Static Couture

06. Person that's called you: Farrah

10. Person you were thinking of: Myself, haha. Little stressed about stuff

T R U E O R F A L S E . . .

01. You have a crush on someone: Fuck knows. If Iever look at anyone, it's not 'are they nice?', it's 'are they smart, funny and kind enough for it to be a real serious thing?'. which is a shitty way to approach anything. I guess it's because I've been so lucky, two major full on in-love relationships, anything less seems like a total waste of time. I mean I was with Linzy 2 and a half years and I've been with Farrah nearly 5, I have no conception of a short term relationship. And if I end up single at any point, I'm going to be a liability :)

02. You wish you could live somewhere else: eh. It's complicated

03. Think about suicide: Hunter S. Thompson once said that his sanity was based on the idea that he had the power to commit suicide at any time. I don't think that's a depressive way of thinking, it's just a freedom thing I guess. I don't feel that way personally, but I like the sentiment

04. You believe in a God: I'm 23, how would I know? I'm totally open to everything, I just find it hard to place trust in something vague, it's so against my whole upbringing. But if I ever feel it I'm noit going to close myself off from it

05. You want more Piercings: false

06. You like cleaning: Only if it's shown to be making progress. The kind of cleaning where it's been 8 hours and stuff has only gotten messier kills me

07. You like roller coasters: true

08. You write in cursive: true

F O R *O R * A G A I N S T...TEENS....

01. Having sex: Til 16 maybe? Just cause it's a shame to rush stuff, enjoy your teenhood you know? I think once you get into proper sexual stuff it makes you that little bit older you know? Maybe because so much of teenhood is wondering what sex is like.

02. Teenage smoking:Pretty hard to be pro teen smoking

03. Doing drugs: Whatever, as long as the person doens't turn into a lame boring stoner. Or worse, someone who talks about doing drugs.The biggest anti drugs advert is how fucking boring people get on them

04. Driving drunk: See question 2

06. Someone uses someone for their goodies: ^^


01. Ever cried over the opposite sex: yes

02. Ever lied to someone: yes

03. Ever been in a fist fight: I've been beaten up a bit, not sure if that counts really

04. Ever been arrested: no. Moved along after complaints when me and some friends used to skate in tesco carpark after hours, but that's it


01. Who is your best friend: Farrah

02. What shoes do you wear: Sneakers

03. Are you scared of love: I have no idea what life is to be without it, which scares me a little sometimes


01. Of scars on your body?: 20?

02. Of things in your past that you regret? What's the point?

The Opposite Sex.

1. Guitar or Drum Player: Guitar man, slinky :)

2. Skater or Surfer: Surfer could be cool, for the opportunity to burn driftwood on a beach in the evening

3. Brown or Blue Eyes: Viva, don't want no blue eyes; La Loma, I want brown eyes

4. Blonde or Brunette: Both :) Not the pale washed out essex blondeness though

5. Brains or Looks: Brains are sexy, and so are eyes
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Hahaha [20 Jul 2006|01:36am]
[ mood | calm ]

"The New York Times recently reported a new trend sweeping American bars and British pubs. Drinking establishments that have installed "infinite jukeboxes" - those hooked up to a seemingly limitless database of music - have found them hijacked by Wire-reading fans of "difficult" music. They load them with coins and program them to play hour after hour of unlistenable noise, in what one such hijacker labelled both an "attempt at provocation and civil disobedience" and a "hilarious practice". A UK jukebox hijacker boasted of treating a Brighton pub to Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music while another has been forcing Ramsgate drinkers to listen to Einstürzende Neubauten.

One blogger proclaimed them "pockets of resistance inside the City of Music, using the technology against itself", which is certainly one way of describing a smug, gutless snob who enjoys guffawing at the thick proles and ruining people's evenings because they have the audacity not to like the same music as him. The day will surely come when one of these pockets of resistance inside the City of Music finds his ability to use technology against itself prematurely curtailed by a bloke in a fake Burberry cap smashing him in the face with a WKD bottle: smirk at that, you repellent little smart-arse."

From The Guardian's review of Return to Cookie Mountain by TV on the Radio. I'm getting sick, it's not coming in to work. I might actually have to buy it, jesus...

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[18 Jul 2006|06:17pm]
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Yesterday I re-watched Sex: The Annabel Chong Story, and there's one bit where she's in London when things are starting to go bad, and she says "There's something about big cities that has this undercurrent of loneliness and desperation."

And it's gotten me thinking about the whole Ford Madox Ford stuff, the emptiness at the heart of city life, how it's possible to feel more alone in a crowded street than anywhere else.

But everyone feels empty or alienated sometimes wherever they are. I'm sure people in the country feel cut off and lost sometimes among all the fields, is emptiness really a symptom of dense urban living.

Maybe feelings of alienation can be exacerbated by seeing hundreds of people out and about and together, but I don't know whether that makes it worse than any other kind of angst.

I dunno, I'm just thinking aloud. Also I started reading the new Brett Easton Ellis book, Lunar Park, and... it's weird, I'm not really feeling it this time. Post modern books about the bleakness of post modern life are starting to piss me off, all the nihilism crap. Guess Girlfriend in a Coma by Douglas Coupland has ruined angsty teeny gen x stuff for me forever, which probably isn't a bad thing.

I'm going to start reading J Pod instead, seems a mite cheerier.

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